Who we are

Studio Piazza is a modern and flexible Firm providing corporate and tax assistance, personnel administration and banking administration services to business of all sizes. Strategically located in Milan, with a long history of working with foreign business clients, the firm meets the needs of new and growing organizations and supports companies and private individuals who wish to establish companies in Italy.


Studio Dott. Roberto Piazza is a 5 professional firm with a 10 person staff (including accountants). 

In the course of the past years, the studio has searched to develop the internal personnel, increasing their talent, integrity and assuring their continual professional growth. 

The personnel of the studio are equally divided into different competency specializations to serve the global market. 

Additionally, to satisfy the needs of the client base, the studio does not observe periodic closures, for example in summer or at Christmas.

As international trade and business grows, it is no longer sufficient for a consulting firm to be competent in terms of its own local legislation, and prompt accurate financial information has become essential, as well as timely and practical advice.

Legal area

The legal sector provides legal assistance to companies and individuals in the commercial sector and related to workers’ rights.

The Firm deals with the management of disputes and litigation related to insurance and employment law with respect to dismissals, reduction of staff, unemployment under the national contract, job description and level. 

It assists the company by providing consultancy related to all aspects of labor law tied to the management of staff and their termination, or by dealing with litigations through the court system.

It provides assistance and representation for bankrupt companies in the management of litigation and in relation to the issues associated with the termination of working relationships with employees.   

Since 2005 the Firm has been the reference point for the Executives Trade Union in the province of Bergamo (FEDERMANAGER), providing legal consultancy and managing cases before legal authorities.    

Fiscal Area

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